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what i intend on doing tomorrow
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hello! here is what i am going to do tomorrow. i am planning on working on github actions for the project im working on so i can push stuff straight to the website rather than doing a billion uploads, i hope my hosting provider and plesk support that, if not im a little fucked. also, im going to work on a github webhook payload handler because its a fun side project that shouldnt take a massively long time, heres the documentation im going to follow, ill OSS it when its done so you nerds can do some contributing (psst i might use python)

also, im gonna try to get started learning ruby again which is probably an awful idea because im about to start my gcse stuff which is entirely python i think but ruby looks awesome and simple (and i havent done a ruby project since march 2018). by the way coffeescript is the weirdest thing ever but you should give it a go if you get the chance, i havent used it since march 2020 (i thought it was 2019 but apparently not). anyway, have a good day/night/whatever nerds

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pringles are the most amazing thing ever
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recently, my parents got texas bbq pringles for our family and oh my god they are the most delicious thing ever. i literally just finished the last one of like 10 of them halfway through writing that sentence. i was watching the park bench video about people calling matt and tom too much and how it was set up. now im watching the video about emojli when they were at that hacker convention because its really interesting and i enjoy it a lot. nevermind im watching 2030 privacys dead nevermind i want to watch the emojli one. anyways, there are like these 1 type of pringles that i really dont like, its the mayo ones. i really dont mayo. i had it once and really didnt like it, it looked disgusting to me beforehand and that applied quite well (at least from what i remember). now obviously, pringles are pringles so ill eat them but mayo is awful. if you like mayo you suck. every other type of pringle ive ever tried was really nice, the mayo one was just kinda eh. also im going to let people star/like posts at some point, ill probably code that later today. anyways, pringles are good and i like pizza.

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why the estonian flag is better than the british one
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as much as patriots hate to hear it, the UK flag is kinda eh in comparison to the rest of europe. obviously its really unique and interesting in design and how the colors are placed, but the colors really arent unique. this is obivously because of history and because of the union (and maybe the olympics ill post about that at some point). in my opinion, other european flags, ESPECIALLY the estonian flag, is much better. the estonian flag has black on its flag and uses it well. it looks good, has the standardized european flag style (did you know that flag style is basically only found in europe and south america? i only just realised now) and has white & blue which are part of the standard color sets. now of course you will have noticed that i contradicted myself and i also noticed that as i was writing. theres just something about the uk flag that makes it feel like it isnt unique. my opinion on the estonian flag also applies to the german flag. also, no offense to parker, but the latvian flag colors are a little dull, idk what it is about it, they just look a bit.. off. if you have any questions about my flag opinions just comment and ill reply

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this is the first blog post, ill post a few every day probably

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