sudocode1 FAQ

what is your name?

how old are you?

where do you live?
the UK, if you want anything more specific, fuck off

what languages do you code in?
JavaScript, PHP, Python and Dogescript (yes that is a real language)

what is your username on ______?
i only have the following social medias:
Twitter: @sudocode1_
TikTok: @sudocode1 (no longer used)
Instagram: @sudocode1 (to prevent impersonation)
Twitch: sudocode1
YouTube: sudocode1
GitHub: sudocode1
Discord: roux#0493
Reddit: u/sudocode1

Discord Server: i have a discord server, it is completely dead and was used for when i streamed, which i dont anymore, so i dont provide links to it. do not make one for me.
Subreddit: i dont have a subreddit and i dont really want anyone to make one for me, if you do just make sure you explicitly say that you have no relation to me in any way.
Snapchat: my snapchat is private and its staying that way until further notice. i do not have a public snapchat.

where is the best place to contact you?
twitter. i dont accept random Discord friend requests.

what games do you play and what are your usernames?
Minecraft (Java): sudocode1
Geometry Dash: sudocode1
Steam: rouxlmao
Xonotic: sudocode1 (there is no real way to verify that it is me)