what i intend on doing tomorrow

hello! here is what i am going to do tomorrow. i am planning on working on github actions for the project im working on so i can push stuff straight to the website rather than doing a billion uploads, i hope my hosting provider and plesk support that, if not im a little fucked. also, im going to work on a github webhook payload handler because its a fun side project that shouldnt take a massively long time, heres the documentation im going to follow, ill OSS it when its done so you nerds can do some contributing (psst i might use python)

also, im gonna try to get started learning ruby again which is probably an awful idea because im about to start my gcse stuff which is entirely python i think but ruby looks awesome and simple (and i havent done a ruby project since march 2018). by the way coffeescript is the weirdest thing ever but you should give it a go if you get the chance, i havent used it since march 2020 (i thought it was 2019 but apparently not). anyway, have a good day/night/whatever nerds


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ok does this work

3988046 - 1631484423

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id say ur the nerd here :P have fun though!!